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A smart investor will often look for market potential and outlook. In the case of residential suburbs, Yarrabilba is an area that you should consider when looking for potential growth areas. In 2011, an urban development plan for the suburb was approved and the development is currently underway.

The new scheme involves a plan to redevelop the Yarrabilba Urban Development Area as part of the Queensland Housing Affordability Strategy. This makes the suburb a good candidate for residential districts with very strong potential in the market in the near future.


European settlement in the area started in 1862, but previously this was home to the Wangerriburra clan. The name of the place means ‘a place of song’ in the language of the early inhabitants. This Logan City suburb is bounded in the west by Waterford Tamborine Road, Plunkett Conservation Park in the east, Plunkett Road in the south and Logan Village in the north.

Yarrabilba is around 15 minutes away from the Pacific Motorway and approximately 40 km south-east of Brisbane central business district. The suburb is within easy access to neighbouring business centres as well as to roads leading to Brisbane, Ipswich, Gold Coast, Beaudesert and Beenleigh.

Urban Development

The area of urban development is around 2,200 hectares. Under the plan, the area will be developed with a vision of creating a liveable residential suburb, complete with amenities and employment opportunities. The plan is bringing together local government and the community to come up with developments that are commercially viable and beneficial to the existing residents.

The urban development plan identifies Yarrabilba North and Greater Yarrabilba as potential growth areas. In these areas, careful planning is done to ensure that they are self-contained and able to provide sufficiently to a residential community. The plan calls for commercial establishments and job-creating businesses, as well as an ample road network and a public transport system.

Greater Yarrabilba is envisioned to create significant residential communities with good employment opportunities in the area. The development scheme involves protection of natural features and creation of parks and open spaces, sufficient transport facilities and institutional facilities.

Investing in Yarrabilba

Yarrabilba is a good place to consider if you are looking for areas with strong growth potential. It would be a smart decision to invest early, while rates are still low. Once urban development starts to take shape, you will notice that rental demand will start to peak.

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