Slacks Creek

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Slacks Creek has strong investment potential as a residential suburb. If you are a property investor in search of the perfect residential rental property, Slacks Creek is a great place to consider. My Pad Rentals can assist you in managing your Slacks Creek property to enhance the investment’s profitability prospects.

Slacks Creek is a great suburb to invest in. Located in the inner northern part of Logan City in Queensland, the suburb is situated around 22 kilometres away from central Brisbane.

Suburb Development

The suburb of Slacks Creek is named after the creek that flows through it and into the Logan River. That creek is named after John Slack, who grazed cattle in his property named Mungaree around 1845. It is considered to be one of the first settled areas in Logan.

The area slowly grew into a suburb that encompassed the Springwood suburb. In its earlier history, the suburb included both sides of the Pacific Highway. The boundaries were later on changed, relinquishing the area of Saint Marks Anglican Church to the suburb of Daisy Hill.

Population grew after the area became accessible through the first bridge on Brisbane River. The suburb further developed and it became a booming dairy industry. Institutional facilities like state primary and secondary schools as well as Catholic and Methodist churches sprung up in the area. They are complemented by a progressive business environment. In the 1950s, businesses in the area flourished and it became an attractive place for residential development.

Among the more famous businesses in Slacks Creek is IKEA Logan. This is IKEA’s only store in Queensland and it happens to be the biggest IKEA shop in the southern hemisphere.

The suburb’s population grew to around 11,000 people in the 1980s. Because of the changes to the boundaries of the suburb in 2002, that population was scaled down by half as some parts of the original suburb were reassigned to Daisy Hill.

Why Invest in Slacks Creek Properties

There are many reasons why you should consider residential rental property investments in Slacks Creek. From employment opportunities to the necessary commercial and institutional facilities and amenities, the suburb has everything that an individual will look for.

Finding the right property to invest in is not enough, however. You will need the right property management Slacks Creek to help grow your investment. My Pad Rentals can provide you with the assistance you need to position the rental property for profitability.

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