Forest Lake

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Lovely Forest Lake in Queensland exemplifies how a well thought of master plan can turn an ordinary location into a successful community. The suburb provides all the amenities that any person would search for in a truly liveable community. Unlike other communities that grew and got developed by the people who migrated and lived in it, Forest Lake was built mainly based on a master plan.

Forest Lake, which is located around 19 km away from the Brisbane central business district, manages to successfully marry nature with modern-day amenities. Built by master developer Delfin Land Lease, a specialist in master planning communities, Forest Lake is perfectly created with man-made lakes, nature parks and recreational areas, retail and commercial establishments, cafes and restaurants, schools, clinics, affordable houses, and retirement places. Residents need not go to nearby cities for their everyday needs.

The beauty and balance in the suburb’s master plan led it to garner multiple awards for its design. In 2009 and 2010, Forest Lake was also regarded as the cleanest suburb. Forest Lake’s master plan construction began in 1990 and lasted up until 2006. By 2006, its population has grown to around 21,000 people.

At the centre of the suburb is a 10.9 hectare recreational lake, where people can enjoy boating and canoeing. Forest Lake is also friendly to bikers and pedestrians. All around the suburb are biking and pedestrian lanes, so residents are able to bike or enjoy a stroll around the community. Sport enthusiasts will never be bored as there are sports complexes in the community where they can play netball, baseball or tennis.

Forest Lake’s successful blending of nature with human residences as well as the peace and quiet it offers residents make it a very attractive place to settle in. Forest Lake is perfect for people looking for affordable housing in a pleasant community. Investing in property in Forest Lake is also highly recommended as this is a perfect community to draw a lot of interest from different types of people. For any property management Forest Lake assistance, you may contact real estate specialist MYPAD Rentals.

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