Eight Mile Plains

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A suburb that is centrally located, within easy access to regional hubs, would be a great investment opportunity for property investors. Such is Eight Mile Plains, a residential and industrial suburb located in Brisbane, Queensland.

The suburb is located 18 km from Logan City and around 15 km from Brisbane CBD. The area is sought for being a good location as a residential area with an effective public transport system, as well being a friendly neighbourhood. If you are in search of a suitable property and location in which to invest, the suburb of Eight Mile Plains is a viable choice.


There is no clear story about the name of the suburb, except that it could be a reference to its distance from One Mile Swamp, which is now called Woolloongabba. Urban settlement started in the area around the crossing of Logan and Miles Platting Road.

Logan Road served as a connection between the well-irrigated farms of Eight Mile Plains and the Brisbane Markets. During its early days, the Glen Hotel served as a meeting place for the farmers. Soon after, basic facilities like a post office and a primary school as well as small businesses, cropped up in the area. Thereafter, the population gradually grew in the area.

Famous Landmarks

Eight Mile Plains is best known for Hughesville, which serves to illustrate the quintessential Queensland house. The house was built in 1892-93 by local horse dealer Richard Hughes as a wedding gift to his son Richard and his wife Elizabeth. The house, which is appreciated for its aesthetic appeal, is the perfect picture of the old colonial days.

The suburb is also home to technological facilities, the Brisbane Technology Park and the Queensland Clunies Ross Centre for Science and Industry.

The road system within Eight Mile Plains provides excellent access to the central districts. Being centrally located makes it a great investment opportunity for rental property investors. The suburb is easily accessible via the Pacific and Gateway Motorways and via the Busway Station.

If you are in search of a good property investment, Eight Mile Plains can provide you with the right location. It provides a pleasant location for families with children as well as for professionals, single occupants and retirees.

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