Edens Landing

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When looking for a property investment, you have to consider the potential of the property in the market. Location is one of the top criteria in choosing an investment. If it is a matter of a pleasant community with good neighbourhood spirit, Edens Landing is a viable candidate for property investment.

Edens Landing is a suburb in Logan City, Queensland, and is around 33 km south-west of Brisbane CBD. The suburb is among the newly formed suburbs in Logan City. It officially became a suburb in 1985 after separating from Bethania and Holmview.

Suburb Development

Edens Landing was a project of Leighton Holdings. It was named after Henry Eden who resided in the area in the 1860s. Development of the suburb started when Leighton Holdings proceeded to clear the land to allow for the building of residential communities. The area was predominantly a farming area up until the latter part of the 20th century.

Facilities and Establishments

A residential suburb would not be attractive to would-be residents if there were no ample amenities, commercial establishments or institutional facilities in the area. Edens Landing provides residents the facilities and amenities they need for a more convenient living.

The suburb is home to a public government primary school, Edens Landing State Primary School, which has large sporting areas for tennis, netball and basketball. Additionally, the suburb is home to the Edens Landings Dragons, a rugby league club.

Residents have easy access to several shops in a small complex near Castile Crescent. The complex provides access to a day care centre, spa, medical centre, pharmacy and other small shops. Public transportation in the suburb is quite convenient. There is a bus service that traverses Castile Crescent and connects passengers to bus services that go to central Brisbane.

Property Investment

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The company has a dedicated focus on residential property management, which helps it develop better strategies in the market. It is not to your advantage if the property manager is largely involved in selling and buying. Because your investment involves rental properties, the company you should hire must be a specialist in residential property management.

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