Daisy Hill

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The residential suburb of Daisy Hill caters to people who are looking for a pleasant and friendly neighbourhood. Located some 22 km south-east of Brisbane CBD, Daisy Hill provides an attractive community to families with children, as well as professionals and retirees.

Daisy Hill is part of Logan City, Queensland and is located between the Pacific Motorway and the Daisy Hill Conservation Park. It provides an overlooking view of Slacks Creek on the southern portion of the suburb. The residential suburb is a perfect mixture of commercial amenities and natural environment. If you are looking for a property investment with good market potential, then you should consider Daisy Hill.

History and Urban Development

The first European migrants who settled in the area now known as Daisy Hill were the Dennis family. They called their property Daisy Hill, which is thought to be so named because of the daisies that flourished on the hill. Other settlers came to the area and soon after, small businesses started to spring up.

Suburb Amenities

Daisy Hill is best known for the Daisy Hill State Forest, which was declared a State Forest in 1917. The timber reserve was formerly used for timber harvesting, gold mining and grazing. It has been declared as a conservation area, gazetted in 2006 as Daisy Hill Conservation Park.

The conservation park is home to the Daisy Hill Koala Centre, a facility dedicated to educating people about koalas. The conservation park is a favourite weekend spot of families for picnics and nature-centric recreation.

Aside from the nature reserve, Daisy Hill is also home to heritage sites such as Old St. Mark’s Anglican Church. There are essential institutional facilities and commercial establishments in Daisy Hill. It has Catholic primary and secondary schools. Daisy Hill has an easily accessible shopping centre and the Pacific Place shopping centre, situated in the western side of the suburb.

Property Investment Prospects

Suburbs with pleasant parks and recreation are always a hit for tenants in search of rental properties. If you are searching for a suitable property and suburb to invest in, Daisy Hill is a good place to consider. Such a suburb is ideal to many families who want a friendly community surrounded by nature.

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