Bellbird Park

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As its name indicates, Bellbird Park is a pleasant suburb, perfect for people looking for a peaceful and quiet community. The Ipswich suburb, which lies approximately 13 km east of central Brisbane, is a residential suburb sought for its open spaces, peace and quiet and value for money.

Although the bellbirds have gone to the surrounding undeveloped bushlands after urban development commenced in the area, Bellbird Park manages to retain its pleasant environment, which is highly attractive to many residents. If you are looking to invest in suburb properties, Bellbird Park is a great place to look into. Bellbird Park is the type of suburb that many families with children, retirees, professionals and country lovers are searching for.

Amenities in the Suburb

Bellbird Park is named after the bellbirds that frequented the Woogaroo Creek area in the early years. When urban development started, the bellbirds fled from the area. The suburb provides residents with a highly liveable environment, with easily accessible shops, restaurants and commercial establishments.

The suburb benefits from its proximity to Redbank Plains, giving it good access to Redbank Plaza and Kruger Village. There is a Church of the Latter Day Saints in the suburb and a Church of Christ in Redbank Plains. The suburb is home to Kruger Primary School and provides easy access to Redbank Plains High School. The suburb will have a new primary school and high school as part of ongoing development in the area.

Why Invest Here

There are many reasons why you should consider investing in Bellbird Park. Potential tenants would be looking for specific amenities and conditions in the place where they plan to live. Many people wish to find a residential suburb with the necessary amenities and facilities, business and job opportunities, yet enriched with green open spaces and a safe environment for children. Finding the right property in this pleasant suburb will play a big role in the success of your investment.

Growing Your Investment

Investing in rental properties is a serious undertaking. You will need all the assistance you can get to make the most of your investment. Dedicated property management services in Bellbird Park will help you realise better profits from your property investments.

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