New Beith - Greenbank

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The suburbs of New Beith and Greenbank are located alongside each other within Logan City about 30 km south of Brisbane’s city centre. In 1889, Richard Tyson Wilson who bought land in the Maclean district named New Beith in honour of his wife Cecilia’s home town of Beith. The Mount Perry and the Horseshoe Lagoon Conservation Parks are among the popular local attractions.

Both Greenbank and New Beith are surrounded by farmland and the forested Greenbank Military Range, a registered heritage site, is located within Greenbank. A strip of parkland alongside a watercourse runs right through the middle of Greenbank and the suburb includes 7 parks that cover nearly 18% of the total area. Along the Brisbane-Sydney railway line that cuts through New Beith and Greenbank, rural/residential subdivisions have increased and consist mainly of acreage blocks.

The area has enjoyed recent growth, with more young families moving into the area and 76.6% of the houses under purchase and 12.4% of homes being owned. Only 7.3% of the homes in the area are rented. Very few residents rely on public transport as most prefer to drive to their workplaces.

There are a large number of younger children in the area, with 15% of the population attending primary school. The C&K Greenbank Community Kindergarten, Greenbank Primary, Greenbank State School, Boronia State School, Boronia Heights State School are among the nearby schools available to residents. The Community Sewing School in Greenbank offers adult education courses and Yarralee Dressage Development offer dressage and riding classes.

New Beith has a few specialist shops to choose from, the Greenbank Fruit Market and the Greenbank Shopping Centre on Pub Lane offer residents a wide choice of shopping options. Recreational and sports facilities in the area include the Greenbank Community Centre, Oz Swim Aquatics on Old Pub Lane and the Greenbank Sports and Recreation Club. This area benefits from plenty of parks and wooded areas for leisurely walks and outdoor activities.

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