Rentals: Rights And Responsibilities Of Tenants

With regard to rentals there are always rules to be followed by agent, owner and tenant. Not making yourself familiar with these will mean you run the risk of not doing the right thing. This article will outline the rights and responsibilities of tenants when they are occupying rental properties. If you own a rental property or are looking to rent then it would be a good idea to read on. If you still have any questions regarding the rights and responsibilities of tenants afterwards then these can be directed to your property manager or the RTA.

Tenants rights.

Property owners need to be aware of their tenants rights. For instance, the owner should ensure the real estate Browns Plains is in good condition and fit to live in at all stages of the tenancy. This means that there should be working locks for personal security and the tenant should be provided with a key for each one. The lessors need to ensure that all property maintenance they are responsible for is carried out. This means that any repairs that need to be carried out as soon as possible and where emergency repairs are organised and paid for by the tenant (up to two weeks rental equivalent) then they need to be reimbursed by the owner. The tenant in turn needs to contact the nominated repairer stated in the tenancy agreement unless it is unavoidable to do otherwise. The tenant has a right to begin their tenancy while it is in vacant possession and quiet enjoyment is expected at all times. This means the owner or lessors may not arrive unannounced and the tenant must be given suitable notice.

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Tenants responsibilities.

Obviously the tenant is expected to pay the agreed rent on time and in the form that is stated on the tenancy agreement. For instance, some rentals require fortnightly payments in cash. All terms listed in the agreement must be adhered to at all times. Only the persons listed on the agreement can live on the premises and if pets are not accepted then tenants should not have them. It is expected that the tenant takes all care and responsibility to prevent undue damage to the premises. This includes ensuring guests cause no damage and any repairs that are needed should be reported to the agent. The property should be kept clean by the tenant and left in the state they found it in. Reasonable wear and tear is acceptable and should be outlined in the entry and exit report. No illegal activities are to be carried out in rentals and tenants should not interrupt the peace or comfort of their neighbours.

All terms regarding rentals Logan will run accordingly if both the tenants and the landlords are aware of their roles. To ensure a smooth running tenancy, properties should be listed and rented though experienced professionals in the know.

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