Lock, Stock and Barrel

In today’s society, people are more aware than ever of security. This is especially important when it comes to our homes. When we go out we are usually quite cautious and do a check to make sure the house and perhaps even the gates to the yard, sheds and garages are all locked. We want to be sure that when we go out, our hard earned and often treasured possessions are safe and secured. So what does this mean in terms of renting a house? What should you be able to expect when it comes to the locks and keys within the property you are renting?

Well both the tenant and the agent have a part to play here. When renting through real estate Browns Plains agents, you should be given keys for all locks within the property. This includes entry gates to the property, front and rear entry doors, internal doors with locks, mailboxes and or sheds and garages that form part of the rental property. These keys along with the locks should be in good working order and be maintained so as they provide a safety and security to the property. In the case of any breakages, or faulty locks, these should be fixed with due haste as soon as they are noted and reported.

What about changing or installing new locks this is a decision that needs to be agreed upon by all parties of the rental agreement. On consideration of the request to change locks for whatever reason, eg: lost keys, faulty lock or a higher security needed neither party to the rental agreement should withhold their consent unreasonably. In any case, if new locks are installed, it should be ensured by property management Logan agents or the lessor that the tenants are provided with a copy of the keys to the new locks. A copy should also be held by the agent or lessor.

As far as how many copies the tenant may have, this largely depends on the number of people included on the lease agreement. If there is more than one person listed on the agreement, then each person stated on the lease should be provided with at least one copy of any keys which permit access to the main entry to the property, and the main entry points to the house. If any additional keys are needed for any reason, the agent or lessor should be consulted and a record of any keys in existence kept. This ensures ongoing security for the property if and when tenancy changes.

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