Fixtures and Inclusions. What Does it Mean?

In the world of Real estate, fixtures and inclusions are a common phrase. But you may wonder what it actually means. Generally a fixture is defined as something which is attached to the property. It can include such things as picture hooks, curtain rods, or even plants such as rose bushes that have taken root in the garden. If it leaves a mark when removed from the property then you can probably term it as a fixture. So what does this mean if you are renting a property? Can you add fixtures? If so can you take them with you when moving from the property?

As a tenant you should only install fixtures and fittings to the rental with written permission from the lessor/agent. By having written permission you are safeguarded from any disagreements later down the track. The agreement should be very specific as to the type of fixture or fitting you are installing and what will become of it upon termination or expiry of the rental agreement. In most cases, unless otherwise agreed upon the “fixture” remains with the property. Your real estate Browns Plains agent should be able to help you if you have any doubts.

The lessor/agent should outline what changes have been agreed upon and any additional terms to the agreement such as whether the tenant has the right to remove the fixture or fitting on exiting the premises. The lessor/agent cannot unreasonably withhold their agreement if the tenant asks them to add a fixture to the place. If the tenant thinks that the lessor/agent is being unreasonable, they could contact the RTA's Dispute Resolution Service.

The rentals Logan agent may be able to help negotiate changes and record any agreements made. Often the agent is given some authority to ok any minor changes in relation to adding fixtures, such as picture hooks and the like.

If the tenant installs a fitting or makes a change to the place without written permission from the landlord or agent, the landlord has a few options available to them. One, they could consider it a breach of the rental agreement and follow the procedure for resolution. Secondly the can tolerate the breach and consider it as an improvement to the premises that will remain when the tenant leaves. If the tenant wants to take any fixtures they have added, they must repair any damage caused by the removal of these fittings. Consider the adding of any fixtures carefully therefore, and be sure to consult with the agent or lessor.

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