The Requirements for an Agents Entry to a Rental Premises

When you rent premises, whether through private means or through a property management company or real estate, there are certain things you need to be aware of when it comes to renting. Knowing your rights when renting premises can prevent many misunderstandings and can make renting a much more pleasant experience for all concerned. Making sure you are fully informed about the laws and regulations governing rental premises is a smart move on your part. You can check what your rights are and read about the regulations on the RTA’s website in order to be up to date and informed.

Property management professionals Browns Plains do an inspection every 3 - 4 months to ensure the properties are kept in good order and are not damaged in any way. For them to be able to do this, they need to send out a form 9 (entry notice) in order to gain access to a rental premises. This entry notice must be sent out a minimum of seven days prior to the property manager entering to inspect the premises.

A property manager is allowed to bring another person with them in the form of a repair/maintenance worker to complete any repairs or a police officer if the tenants are damaging the premises. In the event that this occurs, then reports are made and the tenant is given notice to repair the damage or face eviction, this really depends on the real estate and the owners.

If a lessor/agent enters premises alone then they must specify within a two-hour time limit when the entry will be, although they can remain beyond the two-hour time limit in order to complete the inspection of the premises. This of course does not apply to tradesmen who can obtain entry anytime in order to complete any repairs that are necessary to the premises.

A lessor/agent may not enter premises between 6pm-8am unless otherwise arranged with the tenant prior to entry. They must take reasonable steps to maintain the privacy of the tenant at all times. If you feel that your real estate Browns Plains agent has breached your tenancy rights in any way then you have to option of laying a complaint with the RTA in order to have any issues resolved.

Therefore, when renting premises, make sure you are aware of your rights and what the property manager or agent is allowed to do and how much notice they have to give. There is a list on the RTA website, which tells you how much notice they have to give in certain situations. If you have any concerns then check the website for more information.

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