The Purpose of an Entry Condition Report

When renting a property you will be asked to fill out and lodge an entry condition report. Along with some of the other paperwork that comes with renting, you may wonder what the purpose of such a report is. Far from being just another unnecessary piece of paperwork, an entry condition report serves a very useful purpose for both landlord and tenant. When completed this form gives a clear picture of the condition of the property being rented. In this way it protects both the tenant and the landlord from any questions of damage or breakages at the end of a tenancy.

Once you have found a rental property and signed a lease agreement, you will be asked by your real estate Logan agent, to fill out a Form 1a, otherwise known as the entry condition report. Usually it is best done before moving in. On receiving the form you will notice it is divided into rooms. Each room ie kitchen, bedroom 1, bathroom etc, will have an area dealing with each part of that room. Items listed will be things like, floor covering, windows, screens, walls, light fittings and ceiling fans. Inspect each room and follow the same procedure until you have covered the property. Make notes of any damage or marks you may notice.

Prior to you receiving the report, the agent or landlord will have already done the same. If there are any discrepancies between the two reports, they can be reinspected and settled prior to the form being lodged with the RTA. This is why it is best done before you move in all your furniture and belongings, as it gives you unhindered view of everything allowing your evaluation to be extremely thorough and accurate. This will save you any possible problems or disagreements at the end of your tenancy. Your property management Logan agent can help you with any queries you may have.

A copy of the report should be returned to the agent within three days, and your copy should be kept in a safe place. When exiting your rental property the condition of the property will be checked against that initial report. Any damage or breakages not noted on the original report will be the tenant’s responsibility to repair unless it is deemed to be “fair wear and tear”. Filling out an entry condition report makes good sense and can provide peace of mind for all.

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