Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do we advertise your property for rent?

As we live in an e-world, the majority of enquiries today are generated through the internet from major websites advertising homes for rent. Newspaper advertising is a thing of the past. In light of this, we don't recommend newspapers, and MYPAD Rentals will advertise your property on the major web sites and erect and remove a “For Rent” board for FREE.

2. What is an adequate number of properties a single Property Manager can handle?

Most Property Managers have a portfolio of 120-150 properties. Anything above that, will compromise the quality of service your property manager can give you. Essentially they won’t physically have the time to complete all their responsibilities & will need to cut corners to get their work load done; which, of course means they don't have time to get back to you or the tenants in a timely manner and rarely complete the duties such as regular routine inspections of your property.

3. Is your Property Management business Portfolio based?

At MYPAD Rentals the person who signs you up is personally responsible to you and your tenant for the management of the property. You will only need to deal with one property manager.

4. How do I know you will select the best tenant for my property?

We ensure that all prospective tenants complete an application form & then check references from employers and referees and also cross reference with TICA (National Tenancy Database). Various forms of identification are also required to be provided by prospective tenants so that we can present to you the best choices available.

5. How easy is it for a tenant to inspect my property?

Tenants must always register to inspect a property & under no circumstances are keys handed out to let tenants look at a property unattended.

6. How do you establish a fair market rent and how often will you review the rent?

Rents are reviewed a couple of months prior to a lease expiring to give our agency sufficient time to let the tenant know in writing of any proposed increase. These comparable rent reviews are done by checking on industry databases of other rental properties that are directly comparable to your property and let by other Agents within your area.

7. How do I change my Investment Property over to MYPAD Rentals?

Easy! Just 2 single steps.

  1. Contact our office & we will forward to you the relevant form to complete and sign to your current agent.
  2. Sign a new management agreement with MYPAD Rentals and we will take care of the rest for you including the collection of all paperwork and keys from your previous agency & letting your tenant know of the transfer.

If you are currently dissatisfied with your property manager, please contact us 07 3800 6423 for a friendly chat and see how My Pad Rentals can help you manage your most valuable asset or email us on

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