About Us

At MYPAD Rentals, our specialist property management service aims to help you achieve an investment that is going to give you financial freedom and that provides a good return with low risk.

We can provide you with an expert and personalised service to not only manage your rental property in a way that aims to provide a good return, but also manage and help build your property asset portfolio if you so wish to.

By having your property managed by specialists, you can achieve peace of mind, have a lower risk of vacancies and be assured your property is being well maintained. This also helps create the opportunity to add value to your property and therefore aim for greater financial freedom as you build your portfolio.

MYPAD Rentals offer a service that is down to earth, professional, detailed and efficient.

About the Team

Chris Lewis

Chris has a strong back ground in sales and marketing. He has worked with high profile companies as a state sales manager for many years. During this time Chris has always maintained his passion for property and as a result, he decided to pursue his dream and establish MYPAD Real Estate and MYPAD Rentals. Today Chris still maintains his enthusiasm for property and ensures that his business offers exceptional value for money, along with a huge focus on customer service.

At My Pad Rentals our core values are honesty and integrity. My commitment to you is to ensure that you feel that you were treated with both dignity and respect throughout your entire involvement with us and that your experience will be one that you would be happy to recommend to both your friends and family.

Phone: (07) 3800 6423
Fax: (07) 3800 6380

Betty Lewis

Betty Lewis is the Director of My Pad Rentals, Her primary responsibility is to care for the trust account and support our dedicated team of Property Managers, providing a down to earth approach for new clients, while providing superior service to existing clients, our team like to operate from a foundation of trust and transparency.





Phone: (07) 3800 6423
Fax: (07) 3800 6380

Melissa Harmsworth
Senior Property Manager

Melissa is a local girl born and raised in Logan City, starting her Real Estate career in 2009.

Starting out in reception and progressing through to assistant property manager, Melissa found a passion for Property Management and was successful in progressing to Property Manager within that year. Melissa believes that dedication and loyalty are paramount in this occupation and attention to detail and determination to succeed will benefit her clients.

Melissa takes a lot of pride in her job and strives to give the very best service to her landlords and tenants with an enthusiastic approach. Melissa understands that property management is a three-way relationship between the owner, tenant and the agent. The more positive and communicative that relationship, the more benefit and satisfaction to all those involved.


Mobile:  0428 202 146
Phone: (07) 3800 6423
Fax: (07) 3800 6380


Jordy Dickinson
Office Receptionist





Rachael has a strong background in business management and has been involved in Real Estate for over 5 years.
She recognises that your property is a business & knows the importance of making smart decisions to get the best return from your investment. Her knowledge & execution of the PAMD act & RTRA act ensures that all measures are taken to protect your property.
Her selection criteria attracts high quality, landlord friendly tenants to your properties & to maximise occupancy rates. Rachael believes that communication is the key to developing strong relationships with landlords and tenants.
She shows empathy towards both tenants & landlords and has a firm but fair approach towards tenant disputes.